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What would you do with some extra space in your home? ...

Have you been thinking about renovating your dark and dingy basement? There's often a lot of useable square footage downstairs in your home that can be built to help your family spread gain some much needed  breathing room.

Turning the basement into a playroom is one option if you have kids. Tots need a lot of room to grow and play. And for such little people, they sure take up a lot of space with all the equipment and toys. If you have teens, the basement can be a great hang out space that will allow you to keep the upstairs living areas peaceful and quiet for the adults.

If you like entertaining, a game room is an ideal option when renovating a basement. Think pool tables, wet bar and  maybe even a home theater ... for families or the ultimate man cave.

If you like to work out, the basement can also be transformed into the ultimate home gym or yoga studio.  There are many ways to update the basement and with our ideas we can transform your space into a place where you will want to go.

J & J Complete Home can work with you to help you design and build your basement. We'll create a light, bright, warm and comfortable environment  that will suit your current lifestyle and future family plans. Renovating  this "bonus space" in your home can make your space work better for you. No need to move, just explore underused spaces in your current home. The possibilities are endless.